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San Pedro sits on the Belize Barrier Reef, the second-largest reef system in the world. It is home to several endangered animals including multiple species of sea turtles, manatees, and the American Marine Crocodile. In addition, grouper, snapper, spider crabs, nurse sharks, hammerhead sharks, multiple species of dolphin and countless other fish, corals and sponges are all cruising the reef while you watch. There are many excursions to choose from but a couple of our favorites are listed below. 

Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Our half-day tour will take you to this reserve within the reef system. The reserve is broken into four areas where you can snorkel or dive, including Shark Ray Alley.  Nurse Sharks here average 4-6 feet and rays 2-4 feet in wingspan.  You’ll swim with large numbers of fish, amazing corals and creatures from the deep! The boat ride to the reserve is only 10-15 minutes from our docks in San Pedro and we’ll have soft drinks and water on board.  

Night snorkeling is also available in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Your light will showcase garden eels and stingrays while you experience bioluminescent blinking. Jacks, grouper, snapper, colorful fish and more surround the area looking for their evening feast. 

Mexico Rocks

This half-day tour is a 15-minute boat ride from our docks in San Pedro, Belize. Mexico Rocks includes waters averaging 16 feet deep where you’ll find amazing corals. Eels often poke their head out from the rocks while spiny lobsters cruise the bottom. Grouper, Barracuda and sand sharks have significant populations in this area along with an amazing number of other colorful fish. We’ll have water, soft drinks, Belikens and Rum Punch on board! 

Snorkeling & Beach BBQ

A Belizean experience like no other, SUYA will give you your own island, amazing seafood lunches and all the snorkeling, splashing and relaxing you can fit into one day!


We’ll start with two fabulous snorkeling locations -Basil Jones and Punta Azul. Both of these sit on the Great Belize Reef which is the second-largest reef in the world and home to dolphins, manatees, crocodiles, rays, whale sharks, conches, sea horses, upside-down jellyfish, octopus and thousands of colorful corals and fish.


After snorkeling, we will have water, soft drinks, rum punch or Belikin beers waiting for you while we prepare a freshly caught lunch. You are welcome to relax on a remote island beach or splash around a bit more in the Caribbean waters. The ‘catch of the day’ might include fresh fish or lobster and conch when in season. We’ll also serve green salad or potatoes, rice and warm flour tortillas.

On the way home we’ll make one more snorkeling stop at Tres Cocos to ensure you’ll have a chance to see all the wildlife the Great Belizean Reef holds.



We have 30 or more dives along the Great Belizean Reef system that are only a ten-minute boat ride from our docks. Some of the most popular include Tuffy, Esmeralda, the San Pedro Tunnel, Darnanelos, Hol Chan, the Love Tunnel and M & M Cavern. These dives range from 30-100 feet in depth and a variety of marine life are here to see. Among these dives you’ll find Elkhorn, Brain and other colorful corrals. Hundreds of Bar Jacks schooling, grouper, reef fish, snapper and other colorful fish cruise the reef. Manatees, dolphin, octopuses, upsidedown jellyfish and seahorses play among sections of the reef. Most of these dives are classified at a beginner level. We’d be happy to assist in picking out a dive that will most likely provide the wildlife you’d like to target. We do have equipment rentals available.

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Ride through the blue Caribbean waters to Turneffe Atoll, the largest atoll in the Mesoamerican Barrief Reef System and home to over 500 species of fish and over 65 species of coral. Once there you will either dive or snorkel the pristine reef. 


Its then off to a private island paradise where your guides will bbq a catch pf the day' feast. Depending on the season, you'll dine on fresh fish, lobster or conch matched with Rum punch, Belikans, soft drinks and water.  Before heading back to Ambergris Caye you will have an opportunity to explore the reef once more.

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Turneffe Island



Deep-Sea Fishing

Go beyond your imagination and embrace this dream excursion for the avid fisherman. We’ll take you and up to five friends and family members out, provide all rods, tackle and gear for a half days fishing! We generally target Marlin, Mackrel, and Dorado but there are a lot of fish in the ocean! Depending on the sea and weather conditions we’ll pick the prime spot about twenty minutes outside the reef. 

Reef Fishing

Our 25’ open center console boat will take up to four guests out to the reef for a half or full days fishing. Our guides will have all of the rods, tackle and bait ready for you to land your great catch. Along the edge of the reef we will target snapper, grouper, mackerel, jack, barracuda and other species.


Flats Fishing

Fish Savanah for Tarpon and Permit, cruise for Bonefish or go for that grand slam! We'll send you out with the best guides in San Pedro to chase your passion. Did you know guides are independent contractors? Most work for all of the tour operators and lodges here in San Pedro. If you have a favorite guide from past trips -we'll hook you up!