Mayan Ruin Tours

The Lamanai Expereince

Lamanai is a Mesoamerican archaeological site and was once a major city of the Maya civilization. Located in the Orange Walk District in northern Belize. There are three large structures within this area, the Mask Temple, Jaguar Temple and High Temple.

Our tour will take you from San Pedro to the mainland and then along a jungle river to the village of Bomba. You to visit the major structures and then board a riverboat  While seeing the huge masks depicting dead rulers and Gods in the middle of the rainforest, the chatter of birdlife and the haunting call of the Howler Monkeys are all within earshot. While traversing the many creeks and lagoons, you will encounter hawks, kites and falcons. Dainty Jacanas are frequently walking on lily pads and crocodiles bask in the morning sunlight.

Mayan Ruins, Lamanai, Belize
Altun Ha River Safari

Departing from San Pedro we charter to the mainland and then along a jungle river to the village of Bomba. You will see the unspoiled countryside and native villages as your guide shares details on the local plants and animals. Arriving at Atun Ha, your guide will take you on a tour of this once important Maya trading center. You’ll learn about the Maya civilization at the ruins where one of the finest and believed to be one of the largest Maya jade carvings was found.  The largest of the temples here measure 16 meters (52 feet) high. The Temple of the Masonry Altars may look familiar as it is the drawing of this structure that is included in the Belikin Beer logo!


After a boat ride to Belize City, you'll take a 45 minute shuttle to your destination in the Cayo District. Along the way you'll observe a transition in the Belize landscape including "The sleeping Giant".

The Zip line course features seven runs through the dense jungle and over streams. This includes a beginner run of 150' and running up to 675' for an unforgettable experience.

Maya Sky Canopy Tour

Your journey begins wiht a quick flight to Dangriga, where a shuttle will take you to the Mayan Mountains foothills. First up is the magnificient panoramic zip line where you soar 400ft on 7 different lines, including the longest in Belize. Next up relax and cool off in your river tube as you flot down the South Stan Creek River for almost 2 mileswhile enjoying the sounds of the jungle wiht a couple of mild rapids along the way.

As you emerge from the water, your shuttle awaits to drive you over to the amazing hidden waterfalls where you can simply enjoy the sheere beauty or take a swim at the base on the crystal clear waters.

Your adventure begins with a pickup at the dock of your resort/hotel where we will depart for the mainland.  Upon arrival, we’ll take a 45-minute ride in an AC coach, to trailhead.  Your cave tubing adventure begins with a jungle trail hike where your guide points out various plants, roots, and herbs once used by the ancient Maya.  Outfitted with head lanterns, a life vest, and an inner tube you are ready for your hour-plus float through the cave system.  Stalagmites and stalactites add to the serene beauty of the underground world.

Zip Lining

Cave Tubing