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All Day Beach BBQ

Come and let us treat you to an entire day of snorkeling and beach bbq on our stunning island a great addition to a full day charter. It's intimate, fun, tasty and very inexpensive. You are taken out to the island on one of our boats then shuttled to the three exclusive locations Mexico Rocks, Punta Azul and Basil Jones as more described below. Our Tour Guides will cook your BBQ meal right in front of you on the beach so you know your meal will be perfect.

A choice of meal include shrimp, lobster, fish, conch (season only). Pristine white beach and a clear blue ocean to swim. You come to the beach, eat, drink and be merry. It's that simple.

Snorkeling Trips

Ambergris Caye has the largest and most admired Caye, holding up to 25 miles of its impressive barrier reef just a mile away from shore. Water contents are fascinating filled with corals and a flourishing reef, the second largest in the world. Ambergris Caye holds many sites available for diving, snorkeling or swim.

You can enjoy and be enthralled by many wonders of the sea when we take you for a ride at Shark Ray Alley, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Mexico Rocks and Tres Cocos.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley

Hol Chan Marine Reserve is located about 15 minutes south by boat. Maximum 30 feet deep, excellent visibility. Here the water lover can see a great number of Caribbean fish like snappers and groupers, parrotfish and surgeonfish. Rays are also often seen here together with the moray eels. Hol Chan was translated from the Mayan which means a little blue channel. Also seen on site are eels, spider crabs, lobster, and nurse sharks. All flora and fauna within the reserve are protected, and feeding fish is discouraged.

Shark Ray Alley is 8 - 10 ft. A area especially to pet Nurse Sharks, Sting Rays and many other types of Marine Life. The area is shallow and easy for a camera shot. A real adventure surely awaits you. As soon as your boat arrives in the area, the Dive Master points out all of the dark shadows in the shallow (eight foot deep) waters. These are the sharks and rays that hear the boat approach and come in search of a few scraps of fish. There are also many other varieties of marine life, such as groupers, yellow-tails, and morays.

Mexico Rocks

Mexico Rocks, located right in front of PORTOFINO, is a basically a cluster of coral heads. Truck size colonies of boulder coral 10 - 12 feet (3.5 meters) high nearly reach the surface and provide refuge to a wide variety of marine life. From flame scallops, anemones, sponges, tube worms, shrimp to moray eels, butterfly fish and wrasses inhabit this area. The shallow conditions and favorable light are perfect for underwater photography.

Tres Cocos

Tres Cocos 4.5 Miles north is enriched with corals spurs and locally narrow canyons running up to the reef line offering a superb marine life. A marine life full of harlequin bass, trumpet fish, French grunts, dusky damselfish, pork fish, blue chromis, schoolmasters, stoplight parrotfish and squirrelfish commonly dart among the coral cover and many more that adds to the marine life.

Punta Azul

Punta Azul, only 20 minutes by boat you will be able to view canyon formations and a marine life that includes Nassau groupers, horse-eye jacks, barracuda, and snappers. Occasional spider crabs and lobsters. Your diving experience will entail diving through arches carved by current coming from Mexico.

Basil Jones

Basil Jones is located 45 minutes north of San Pedro near to the Barrier Reef. Be indulged with your own private sandy beach and lagoon. The back reef is shallow and packed with attractions not seen elsewhere because the barrier at Basil Jones forms close to the island.
Depth Range: 15-70 ft (5-21 meters)
Current Conditions: None
Visibility: 50 ft (15 meters)

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