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Thousands of years have passed since the Maya built their great cities and ceremonial centers. Although many of them lie unknown, the history still remains strong. Let us walk back in time. Lamanai, "submerged crocodile" received its name from the abundant crocodiles in the New River Lagoon. The population arose to 35,000, which included a community of farmers, merchants and traders. 3000 years ago, the Mayas had inhabited the region which then the Lamanai supremacy began in about 1500 BC.

Belize Lamanai Jungle River TourHowever, some of its later structures were occupied as recently as the 18th century AD, signifying over 3200 years of occupation. Spaniard had first arrived in the middle of the sixteen centaury and immediately sought a series of changes in the Mayan community. Although Spanish conquistadors held considerable sway over the city by the 16th century, even establishing a Christian church near its center, a native rebellion eventually drove the Spaniards out. Later, the city was eventually weakened by many epidemics and finally ended.

Tour Details

Lamanai Jungle River TourOne of the most popular and memorable tours available from San Pedro! A full day of adventure. Take your first step to the mainland, then on a jungle river ride up the old Northern River to the beautiful village of Bomba - an excellent place for gorgeous Zericote wood carvings. There on, enjoy the view of the diverse Belizean countryside and local villages as you travel along the unspoiled Pan American Highway to Orange Walk. Here you will then resume to your jungle river ride. There your guide will enthrall you with a narrated river tour of the varied bird life and native flora. Along the way you will see a Mennonite community where they live without modern conveniences according to their traditions. Lamanai Jungle River TourOn arriving at the ancient Mayan Citadel of Lamanai, noted as one of the largest Mayan ceremonial centers in Belize. You can visit the museum, take in the spectacular panoramic view of the lush jungle, the Maya mountains and the New River Lagoon, and photograph intricate Mayan Carvings. The jungle walk will bring you to all the temples on the site and you are also sure to have the opportunity to see native wildlife such as monkeys and toucans.

Trip leaves 7:00 a.m. and returns 5:30 p.m.
Includes lite breakfast & lunch.
Free bottled waters and drinks.

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